Special Needs (#110)

Leaders: Maci Hicks and Bryant Hicks

Phone Number: 325-262-5720 (Marci), 325-262-5719 (Bryant)

Email: [email protected]

Location: The Quads, Room 404
Time: Sundays | 9:00-11:15AM (will attend 10:10AM service together)

*Activities available on PaulAnn Church campus for Children and Youth

Group Description

This is a group for adults with special needs. Our primary objective is to help form connections through music, weekly prayer for each other, learning biblical lessons that group members can apply weekly and give back to the community. We also plan social activities to help our group members connect with like minded adults and encourage them to share Gods message with others. We know first hand that life can be challenging for the Parents/Guardians of special adults and our goal is to also support them with similar connections and community. If you know of an adult or family that would benefit from this group please send them our way. We are also searching for additional leadership. We need someone that can play the piano or guitar to help lead and assist with transportation for some of these adults to Sunday service.