Samaria Mission Update: January 2015

William and Sharyn Vaughan

Mission Pastor

Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the person dedicated to God may be capable and equipped for every good work.

– 2 Timothy 3:16-17

From the Mission Pastor’s desk

How wonderful it is to be given another year of opportunities to serve the Lord! For us here at Samaria Mission we are excited about what God is doing in us and through us. In us – as we pursue a vibrant relationship with the Lord He uses His Word, His people as well as circumstances to shape and hone us into the people we need to be for Him to use for His Glory. Through us – as we live our lives, being aware of the doors God opens for us to go through to serve others in the church and in the world.

One exciting thing that God is doing through us is the translating of teaching materials into Shangaan. We are blessed to have skilled men such as one of our missionaries, Member Ngobeni, and one of our local pastors, Aaron Ndove, translate what we are teaching in Mozambique. There is very little written Shangaan teaching material available for the churches and even though we have been teaching Chronologically through the Bible for a number of years already, we are now able to give written materials to the pastors and church leaders as we teach, to help them in their growth in the knowledge of the Bible, also enabling them to be better prepared to teach and preach. As the materials are being translated one of our other missionaries, Derrick Chauke, proof-reads it and then we can print the materials for use in our monthly on- going teaching.

This is made a reality through people who partner with us to provide resources, such as computers and related items, to do the work as well as financial support to these men who are committed to accomplish this mammoth task. Member told me that one motivation to do this is “even though it is hard work we know that in many years to come when we are no longer here, people will be benefitting and growing in the Lord because of the teaching material they have in their hands.” Isn’t it great to be part of what God is doing? You can also help to support this on-going project. Let us serve the Lord together for His glory!

Samaria Mission’s Well Drilling Focus

We at Samaria Mission have been drilling water wells and installing hand pumps since 2002. This ministry falls in line with our conviction that we need to not only bring the gospel to these remote areas but also to improve their living conditions by providing fresh, clean drinking water, this is part of our Social Upliftment Ministry. This well drilling ministry started with a small drilling rig that used a lawn mower engine to drive the drill. It was successful but a painstaking job. We then built our own rig, and this was slightly more successful, but now we have received this new factory built rig and our capability is greatly improved.

Our desire is to utilize this capacity to drill more wells, and in so doing, provide more villages with clean water. We are in the process of planning extra trips into Mozambique purely for the purpose of well drilling and teaching improved farming methods. This will greatly increase our ministry costs, and so we bring this request to you. Help us to provide more clean water to some of the neediest people in Mozambique.

Sean and Gena Mullin will be going to the U.S. to promote the well drilling ministry, but will not be able to reach many of the people and churches that partner with us in ministry. We encourage you to check out this video highlighting our well drilling ministry.