What is the Believing For More Initiative?

We believe that God has more for PaulAnn Church. There are more people to reach, more children to care for, more marriages to repair, more families to impact, and more lives to be introduced to Jesus Christ. In order to adequately minister to those coming, we need to expand our facilities. We are believing for more: salvations, baptisms, people, and more space.

Believing For More is our intentional church-wide initiative to raise the necessary funds to expand our space. As a church family we will seek God together, allow Him to lead, and then respond by faith to His leading.

Recent Developments (updated August 23)

  • Architect Hired

    We have hired an architecture firm called H&H Architecture.  They have built over 1000 churches in the US and are now working on our plans.

  • Strategic Analysis

    We have completed a strategic positioning analysis with H&H which evaluated our attendance, square footage, etc. to make projections for future growth.

  • Finalizing Updated Master Plan

    Using the information from the analysis, H&H Architecture is currently putting the finishing touches on a Master Plan for our campus that will give a good representation of how our new construction will look.

Dorothy Mazuk was a founding member of PaulAnn. Her testimony from 10 years ago is enlightening to watch because God has blessed our church to see the vision of our founders come to fruition.

Goals For The Initiative

Engage Our People

When the body of Christ grows, so does our ability to engage the community and the people around us. When the body of Christ grows, so does our realm of influence. When the body of Christ grows, so do our opportunities. This is an exciting time to see growth taking place in our church! This growth and involvement are not just on Sunday mornings. It’s during the week at Community Life Groups, at Celebrate Recovery, at Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies, at youth activities, etc. As we grow, we pray for the resources needed to have the facilities we need to shine a light and engage this community.

Extend Our Reach

How can this growth extend our reach into the community, into neighboring cities, and into the world? From the very beginning of this church, we’ve walked by faith in letting God lead the growth of our church, and now He wants to take us to the next step. We ask God to use these new facilities that we’re planning to build to extend our reach into our local neighborhoods, and into the world through missions. This can be done by having a place where more people can meet to learn, to teach, to grow, to be discipled, to share in community throughout the week, to worship together, to serve together…to be the body of Christ in a building with enough space for everyone.

Expand Our Facilities

Our church has grown. With that comes the practical need for more space. We need more room for our services. We need the right facilities to be able to fit more people in a given space to worship and learn together. We need space so that people can invite their neighbor to church and know that they’ll have a place to sit. We need the proper facilities for the younger generation to come to worship and learn. We need the space and the facilities for our babies and our children to gather to play, worship, and learn. We need the parking spaces for people to come, and have a place to park their vehicle. We need to expand our facilities so that the growth, worship, and learning can continue.

Master Plan for PaulAnn Campus


Preschool and Children’s Facility


Worship Auditorium


Commons Area

Step 1 A new state-of-the-art facility, which will connect our current preschool and children’s centers for additional security and safety of our children. (Shown in blue.)

Step 2 A 1,500-seat Worship Auditorium and large Commons Area supported by additional parking and outdoor space, all designed for expansion and additional growth. (Shown in yellow and green.)

If needed, based on fundraising amounts, this Master Plan can be done in phases as indicated below:

Phase 1 Preschool and children’s facilities (shown in blue)

Phase 2 Worship auditorium that accommodates 750 to 1,000 seats with a small foyer. This phase would be built with future expansion in mind. (Shown in yellow)

Phase 3 Expanding worship auditorium from Phase 2 to 1,500 seats and building additional Commons Area. (Shown in green.)

  • Large Worship Room For Kids

  • Nursery Room

  • Commons Area

  • Checkins For Children’s Entrances

  • Worship Auditorium

How To Give

We’re asking all people of PaulAnn to undertake a three-step spiritual process. First, pray and surrender, acknowledging that everything you have is from God. Second, listen to God as you ask what He would have you do with the resources He’s entrusted to you – specifically related to Believing For More. Third, obey His direction. If He leads you to participate, plan to make your 3-year financial commitment during Commitment Sunday, April 22nd, and then bring your first offering to Celebration Sunday, April 29th.

Ways To Give

Cash • Check • Credit/debit cards • Online (PushPay)

Commitment Card

When you are ready to make a commitment towards the Believing For More Initiative, you can fill out this card to make your commitment. We will also have printed cards available at the church. On Sunday, April 22, as a church we are going to complete our commitments and submit them during the service. So, if you are going to do your commitment through the online form, please complete it by April 22.

Prayer Emphasis

We feel strongly that the first step that we can each take as we consider our individual involvement in the Believing For More Initiative is to pray. To help with this prayer emphasis, we’ve created a daily prayer guide to follow through this first month of the BFMi.

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