Refuge Weekend 2017

January 27-29

About Refuge Weekend

This is a special weekend set apart in PaulAnn Student Ministry where students gather together in church members’ homes on a Friday night through a Sunday morning and spend time going through a study on a particular topic and scripture. Students are split up according to grade and gender and are led by small group leaders.

The weekend is made up of three parts:

  1. Friday Night
  2. Saturday Morning
  3. Saturday Afternoon

*If you must miss more than one of these parts, Refuge Weekend is not for you this year.

Register for the Refuge

Registration opens November 30. Kickoff party is December 5.


Frequently Asked Questions

What house will I be staying in?

Students’ homes are divided by grade and gender, i.e. 6th grade girls, 10th grade guys, etc. PABC church members are host homes. You will find out at the Kick- Off Party on Wednesday, January 27.

When you drop your child off at the host, be sure to get the phone number for their leaders(s) in case of an emergency.

What do I bring with me?

    • Bible and pen (you will NOT be able to use your phone Bible app)
    • Change of clothes for Saturday and Sunday
    • Shoes/clothes for Rec and Mission Project (may get dirty)
    • Toiletries
    • TOWEL AND WASHCLOTHS (Don’t forget these)
    • Sleeping bag and PILLOW (NO SLEEPING ON BEDS)
    • No other money needed unless your group decides on a special activity
    • One large bag of snacks and a 2 liter soda
    • High School – any supplies/clothing needed for your mission project

What if I have to leave for part of the weekend?

Our hope is that you would be able to stay for the whole thing. If you must leave for a short time, your PARENTS must fill out a “Time Away Card”. You can download and print this card on our website, This card allows you to leave for a period of time and then come back when done. It must be signed by a parent. (Example: basketball game)

When does Refuge begin and end?

Students report to the HOME Friday night at 7 PM SHARP. A map/address to the home will be provided at the Kick-Off. Refuge ends after the 11:30 service on Sunday morning. Parents are invited to attend. We will not have CLGs (small groups) that night, so you can go home and crash or do your homework.

Can I have my phone at Refuge?

Phones will be taken up upon arrival at the host home on Friday night. In the case of an emergency, students will be able to check their phone out to call home. Leaders will have possession of the phones and keep them in a safe place throughout the weekend.

What’s going on for parents?

Parents join up with the students on Saturday night at 7:15 pm in the Worship Center. Parents DO NOT want to miss this!!