• March 21st | 9am-2pm

  • Open to all

  • Lunch is Provided

  • Impakt Auditorium

    @ PaulAnn Church 2531 Smith Blvd.

What is the Story Workshop

Learn to tell your story and God’s story with confidence.

The Story Workshop is a unique opportunity to learn and practice telling your story and God’s story with confidence.

Telling your story is a foundational practice in the New Testament.  Multiple times in the New Testament we see people being instructed to simply tell others what Jesus has done in their lives.  The Apostle Paul recounts his personal story in almost every one of his letters.  Why?  Our personal stories help communicate to others what God has done in our own lives and what He wants to do in someone else’s lives.  One of the biggest hindrances to us sharing our story with others is confidence.  We want to help equip you to communicate clearly and effectively what God has done in your life.  We will teach you a framework for sharing your story called the “3-minute Testimony.”

Telling God’s story is the ultimate aim of telling your story.  Your story connects to God’s story because of what He has done in your life.  Christians often struggle sharing God’s story because they don’t think they know enough and are afraid of saying something incorrect.  The Story Workshop will teach you a tool for sharing the gospel using 3 simple circles.  When you leave, you will have practiced using the 3-Circle presentation to share God’s story so that you can do so in any context.

We are excited to announce the Story Workshop will be led by Les Smith of e3 PARTNERS.  Les is a full-time missionary and has trained countless people all over the world how to share their story and God’s story.  He has a tremendous heart for helping people share their faith and seeing people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

These two tools, the 3-minute testimony and the 3-Circle presentation, have been used all over the world.  They will work in your office, at Starbucks and in the African bush.  They are tools that every Christian should posses.  Whether you hope to gain a new tool for evangelism or you’ve never shared the gospel before, Story Workshop will be worth your time.

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Videos on 3 Circles presentation

Pastor Kirt sharing the 3-Circles in Peru last year.