When a Kingdom Woman retires for the evening, a frustrated and worn-out devil should be saying, “I messed with the wrong woman today.” In this uplifting book, best-selling author Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, call every woman to be confident in walking and living in the power of God.

A Kingdom Woman begins by embracing a simple premise: Unless a Kingdom rests firmly under the authority of the ruler, anarchy reigns. That’s why a Kingdom Woman always seeks to align herself and operate under the authority of God—in every area of life. With practical insights and applications from Chrystal Evans Hurst, Tony Evans explains how that process can unleash new purpose, power, and possibilities—in both the lives of Kingdom Women and those they love. Women will be encouraged to embrace their role as leaders under God’s authority and challenged to live as true heirs under the covenant God has made with His children—affirmed in their identity as valued daughters of Christ.

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