Silas’s Legal Guardianship

A note from the Rosser’s in Uganda:

I just wanted to let everyone know how this morning went as we were on the calendar to meet with the judge to see if she would grant us legal guardianship of Silas.

But first I need to back up to last night. We thought that Edward, our lawyer, was going to be traveling to Soroti from Kampala yesterday as it is a 6 or 6 1/2 hour drive. When I called to see if they needed help with accommodations I was told that he was not going to be arriving the night before, but the day of. The only problem with that was that we all needed to be at court at 9am in the morning.  So we just said okay, there is not much we can do here and God knows what is going on. We were told to go to the court house and tell the register that Edward would be arriving at 11am.

So, Colin, Silas and myself were at the court around 8:45 am, so we could tell them that Edward was going to be arriving later in the morning. Since we weren’t expecting him for awhile, we brought enough food, drinks, toys, and games to keep a two year old little boy entertained. At around 9am, I called to see if he was able to make it out okay, and he told me that they were on the way and that they had gone through Mbale at 8am. Now Mbale is only about an hour and a half from Soroti town. So they were going to be at the court in about 30 minutes!  I could hardly believe that he was going to be there so soon!  And sure enough, in about 20 minutes he called and said they were pulling into Soroti town.

So Edward, probation, the case worker from the baby home, and the judge were all present and for the most part on time. We actually had to wait for the judge to show up. We saw the judge at about 9:50am and we were the second case she saw. We were out by 9:55am, and had our written ruling by 11:30am! Colin and I were not the only ones that were amazed at how smoothly everything went today. Probation and the case worker were in awe at how Edward just went in and told the judge what we were there for and how fast the judge made her ruling. It is not very common that when you go in to get legal guardianship that you are able to get it first try, but because of all the prayers lifted up on our behalf, we walked out with it in hand in just a few hours! Edward said that in Kampala it can take two weeks for the judge to give a ruling.

What a blessing today was. Silas was wonderful and I am starting to feel much better after my first bout of malaria.

So…thank you everyone for praying us through this. Every single prayer was needed and felt today and leading up to today. We are so thankful for you all and are also thankful for this part of the process to be done and over with. As of today, Silas Gray Rosser is without a doubt a legal member of our family! Praise God!