Update from Colin and Ronnie Rosser

We Have A Court Date

On May 28th, we go to the court here in town, along with our lawyer, probation and the folks from the baby home where Silas lived for a few months. Please be in prayer with us as we get closer. We are not worried about the judge granting us legal guardianship, but it’s not unheard of for the judge to not show up, or to not see certain cases somedays.

This is the next step in the process for us. Then Silas can get a Uganda passport. After that, we need to find someone who is able to do a home study from the United States for us here in Uganda and find an adoption agency in the US to finalize the adoption. Then we can apply for a US visa, so we can come stateside for a visit.

Thank you in advance for joining us in prayer as we move forward with the legal aspects of the adoption of Silas!

The House Is Almost Finished

The walls on the inside are getting some color put on them and the outside is finished, expect for a few little details. We are so thankful and thrilled about our home in the village. Everyone that comes for a visit is excited with us and loves our porch. This is a culture that loves to sit around and talk, so it is wonderful that we have a great place to do that now. I am sure there will be many hours spent sitting around with our friends on that porch. 

Thank you for all who gave to make our home a reality. We are overwhelmed and blessed.