Leaders: Dan and Darlene Holik – all adults

Phone Number: 325-234-3453 (Dan)

Email: dd.holik@wcc.net

Location: The Quads, Room 401
Time: Sundays | 8:30-10:00AM

*Activities available on PaulAnn Church campus for Children and Youth

Group Description

Our precious Lord and Savior has given his love to us and desires to have a personal relationship with each of us.  Our CLG strives to do our best to share that love and build strong, meaningful relationships with each other. We do that by praying for one another and those in need; studying God’s Word with a desire to know Him more fully, obey and serve; serving those who are in need; and having fun by enjoying great fellowship with one another.  Our Community Life Group is known for having fun, laughing, crying some, and just being there for each other. We welcome anyone who would want to join us!