Seth & Lara Chomout – Young Families and Single Moms

Phone Number: 972-533-3349 (Seth)


Location: 3346 Ponca Path, San Angelo, TX 76901 & online zoom meeting
Time: Fridays | 6:00-8:00PM

Group Description

We are a group of young families and single moms. We don’t want just a Bible Study, we want community. Our focus is the family and raising our children in the light of the Gospel. We focus on single moms above others simply because our values point us to be Jesus to those who have become the spiritual leader of their home, regardless of the circumstances. We do not aim to replace a father or husband. We want to provide a place for moms to feel comfortable with their children, and learn about Jesus and his plan for us. We don’t stop meeting for long periods of time, we always share a meal and we always welcome new guests!