Broken Walls

About the book

Broken Walls details the desperate need for a generation of adults to come to the spiritual rescue of America’s future generations. Just as the walls of Jerusalem were broken down in the days of Nehemiah, the spiritual walls of America lie in ruins at the feet of our children. And just as Nehemiah did, God is calling us to rebuild them for His name’s sake- for our children and their children. Broken Walls is a must read for parents, pastors, educators, and anyone who calls themselves a follower of King Jesus. The spiritual future of our nation is in the hands of those God called to be “repairers of the broken walls.” Come let us rebuild . . . (Neh 4:17) Your soul will be stirred, your heart rebuked, and your body spurred on in the fight for our nation’s children. Ryan Dalgliesh (Speaker and author- founder of Higher Rock Ministries) Broken Walls will change the way you look at the generations following you and provide the tools needed to make an eternal difference in the lives of those you encounter on a daily basis. Julie Mustard (High school coach and teacher) Kevin Kirkland finally says what so many of us who work with the young people of America know to be true- our children are spiritually in a desperate “state of emergency,” and WE must take responsibility for rebuilding all that the enemy has destroyed. Chris Ratley (17 year veteran of youth ministry) The resounding message of this book brings us back to the truth and the purpose Jesus had for us all when he said “Follow Me.” Stacy Brown (mother of three teenagers)

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