Kelli Rowe’s Story

As believers, we are all on mission no matter our job or circumstance. Kelli fully realized this after going on a mission trip to Guatemala. Check out how God used that trip to change her heart towards the students she teaches:

“My walk with Jesus was changed two years ago on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala through PaulAnn. I was sitting in the airport after a week of working and serving alongside the people of Guatemala and my team and I looked at those faces and realized how much love I had for complete strangers. It overwhelmed my heart to think if I loved them how much more Jesus loved me!

I am a high school teacher and this year, as I began school, I was beginning to get down and defeated. I stopped to think of the times in my life I was at total peace and happiness regardless of the circumstances and it was when I was in Guatemala. So, I began to see my job like I do Guatemala. I am on a 9-month “mission trip” at Central High School. I need to love every face I see, open my heart to every student I come in contact with, and pray that I can be an example or share a moment of God’s grace with them. Is it hard? Yes! Do I fail and feel defeated? Yes! But I’m not giving up as I know Jesus never gives up on me.”