Explore the Bible: Hebrews 1-7


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The Book of Hebrews and gives encouragement and hope to believers. The context of the original audience indicates that these early followers of Jesus were contemplating abandoning their faith so the writer of Hebrews exhorts them to trust in Jesus in the midst of persecution and hard times. These words are just as faithful and true for believers today and the study will help those who face hardships in following Jesus. Includes leader material. Great for adult SundaySchool classes and small groups. Purchase one for each participant. Explore the Biblebrings you deep, book-by-book study. Each study focuses on one book of the Bible (or section of a book) and features questions designed to encourage group discussion. These studies encourage transformational encounters with Scripture that help participants know the Word in a personal and meaningful way. And because the Word equips us “for every good work,” as Paul wrote in II Timothy 3, these studies help adults understand how to live it out in their own life context.

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