Different Reading Plan

Week 2: August 18-23

  • Monday: Luke 14:15-23

    According to verse 17, what was the invitation and why?

    Why did the invited guests refuse to come?

    Who were invited to take their place? What do we learn from verse 22?

    What excuses keep you from “feasting with God”?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: Who is invited? Everyone. What is the requirement? Come.

  • Tuesday: John 7:37-44

    According to verse 37, who is invited and what is the requirement?

    What is the invitation?

    According to verse 38, how do we drink?What will happen?

    Compare this passage to John 4: 13 – 14

    Are you thirsty?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: What is the requirement in those who shall be welcome? They must thirst.

  • Wednesday: Revelation 22:1-5 & 22:17

    According to Revelation 22, what is going to be in heaven?

    How long will we reign there?

    According to verse 1 & 17, what kind of water is available there?

    Are you thirsty?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: Where were they invited? To the waters.

  • Thursday: Matthew 14:13-21

    According to verse 15, what did the disciples want the people to do?

    According to verse 16, what did Jesus tell them to do?

    According to verse 20, what was the result?

    How good do you think it tasted?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: What were they invited to do? Come, buy and eat.

  • Friday: Revelation 3:14-22

    According to verse 17, what did they say about themselves?

    According to verse 17, what was their true condition?

    What is the great promise found in verse 20?

    If they were poor, (spiritually) how could they buy anything?

    How can you?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: How were they to buy it? Without money and without cost.

  • Saturday: I Peter 1:13-25

    According to verse 18, how much money did it take to redeem you?

    According to verse 19, what did it take?

    According to verse 23, how did you receive it?

    Aren’t you glad your reading it?

    ✭ According to Isaiah 55:1: How is it possible to buy something without money? It’s already bought and paid for.