Evan Hawthorne

My Bio

As a child and the years ensuing, attending and being a part of the church was something you just did. I eventually stopped going in high school as my priorities shifted and never had a desire to attend church since. Through out my high school days and my freshman year in college my parents finally followed through with their conversations they had dealing with divorce. This caused multiple problems but eventually, by God’s grace, led me to transfer to Angelo State my sophomore year in college. I started reading the bible shortly before moving to Angelo and little did I know that there were events God orchestrated here in Angelo that were leading me right to him. For instance, I met individuals who were genuine not only in friendship, but for my spiritual wellbeing. With no plan on being part of the church, God showed me through his people (Paul Ann) and through his Word (Jesus), that there is a purpose for our lives and that only through Jesus can we experience true life and have joy and satisfaction that is incomparable to the things of this world. It is only because of Jesus that those things are possible. It is only because of Jesus that we may know God intimately.

Your maturity and spiritual well-being is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the Scriptures are taught(2 Tim. 3:16-17) and we seek for the deeper things of God as we strive to not only imitate Jesus but to make disiciples as we go about our daily lives.