High School Refuge Mission Projects 2017

Your group will be working on an assigned project to help a ministry in town. You need to be to your work site by 12:45PM. You will need to be at the Rec field by 2:50PM, so keep an eye on the time. Make sure students dress appropriately for the kind of job they are doing. You will not have time to go back to the house before Rec, so come prepared.  

Block Party
Who: Seniors
Where: Nueva Vista Apts 2401 N. Lillie St
Supplies: Block party trailer, candy for prizes, portable grill, hot dogs, buns, chips, lemonade, ice and snow cone juice, popcorn, popcorn bags, flyers
Details: Throw a block party at the apartments

Rust St. Ministries
Who: Cullen & Haley
Where: 803 Rust St.
Supplies: Mop bucket and 2 mops
Details: Cleaning their building

Pregnancy Help Center
Who: Sarah & Rachel
Where: 3506 Sherwood Way (Angelo Bible Church)
Supplies: None. Wear your rec shirt but none of the extra stuff
Details: Helping with a concert. Serving people, cleaning up after people

Meals For The Elderly
Who: Jessi & Ashley
Where: 310 East Houston Harte Expressway
Supplies: None
Details: Whatever they tell you do

Holiman Elementary
Who: Mason
Where:1900 Ricks Dr.
Supplies: Trailer, someone to pull trailer
Details: Cleaning up and taking stuff to the city dump

PaulAnn Grounds
Who: Stephen & Whittman
Where: PaulAnn
Supplies: Trash bags
Details: Go through new property and make piles of large rocks, pick up trash

Salvation Army
Who: Patrick
Where: 122 W. 2nd St
Supplies: Rakes, shovels, trash bags
Details: Cleaning property

Girl’s Home
Who: Lindsey
Where: 404 Preusser
Supplies: Cookies and a card or paper for a note to the girls
Details: Cleaning the kitchen and living room to be a blessing to the girls in the home. Leave cookies and a note for them expressing the love of Jesus for them and this is a blessing to them.

Gospel Ministries To Children
Who: Beth
Where: 1410 N. Garfield
Supplies: None
Details: Painting. Wear clothes you don’t mind painting in

Who: Kendra
Where: 3026 Sierra (Jennifer 325-450-0910)
Supplies: None
Details: Cleaning a house getting it ready for people to move into it

Who: Allyson
Where: 3213 Shady Hill (Jennifer 325-450-0910)
Supplies: Banana boxes or shirt boxes, Cookies, cookie sheet from host home, nail supplies if you want to do nails
Details: Pack up house to move, interact with the ladies living there, bake cookies

Who: Whittman
Where: Mosaic – 5191 S. Bryant Blvd
Supplies: 5 gallon buckets, wheelbarrow, 3 shovels, trashbags
Details: Move the pile of mulch on to the basketball court into a pile there. Go around the property (not the horse arena) and pick up trash, pull weeds

Jackie Wolfe House
Who: Ryan
Where: 401 161 Woodruff
Supplies: Trash bags, yard equipment
Details: Cleaning yard, various projects, take donations to Rust St (803 Rust St)

Jordan’s Crossing/Northside
Who: Cody & Kyle
Where: 2818 N. Magdalen and PaulAnn Northside)
Supplies: 2 rakes, trash bags
Details: Sorting through pod and organizing, raking leaves at apts

New Bridge Shelter
Who: Taryn
Where: Secure location so go to the WIC/Health Dept (52 W College Ave). Shelter is across the street. Call 658-8631 if you get lost
Supplies: None
Details: Folding linens, cleaning