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Thrive: Living In Real Joy

By: Tony Merida

Leader: Mike Dorman

Length: 6 week study

Location: TBA
Time: Wednesdays at 6 PM

Book Price: $7

Thrive Bible Study Book includes a small group experience for six sessions, applicable Scripture, key word study, and a life application section called “Live It Out.”

This timely study of the Epistle of Paul to the Philippians teaches that God did not create us merely to exist or to be dutiful workers, but to thrive in a life of joy. Prayer is an opportunity to experience joy. The fact that Jesus has forgiven us produces joy. And sharing that fact with others produces even more joy. Finally, when we focus on Christ and doing His will, joy and peace will flood our lives as we join God in His work by allowing Him to work through us to benefit others.

The joy the Apostle Paul described to the Philippians makes it possible for believers to live in love and humility, even as Christ did, in the harshest situations. In this way believers can become more and more like Christ.

Online sign ups are closed. There are still spots available in this class, so feel free to show up on Wednesday and we’ll get you in.

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