Esther: Trusting God’s Plan

By: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Leader: Cindi Dauphin

Length: 6 week study

Location: Chapel
Time: Wednesdays at 6:00PM

Book Price: $5

The Old Testament book of Esther makes no reference to God, but the entire story bears the unmistakable imprint of His ways. Your faith will be strengthened as you see how God intervened to deliver His people from annihilation. God still masterfully orchestrates and weaves together every detail of our lives and this universe in jaw-dropping ways. Nothing and no one can thwart His plan!

Expect these 7 truths to deeply embed themselves in your heart through this study:

  • You are in a battle.
  • God has a sovereign plan.
  • You are a part of God’s plan.
  • It’s a beautiful thing to live under God’s caring providence.
  • There is no situation so desperate God cannot redeem it.
  • Don’t judge the outcome of the battle by the way things look right now.

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